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Crossword Game

This asset is a complete template of the classic crossword puzzle game. Includes AdMob, Unity Ads, and Unity IAP integration.


  • Crossword Builder: Custom Unity Editor tool to create new crosswords with the assistance of scripts or have it randomly generate a full crossword. Comes with over 70000 English words and clues to make creating crosswords fast and easy.
  • Includes 800 randomly generated crosswords spread across four packs: 9x9, 11x11, 13x13, and 15x15.
  • AdMob and Unity Ads integration: Banner (AdMob) and Interstitial Ads.
  • Unity IAP integration: Remove Ads and purchase crossword packs.
  • Automatically saves active game state and loads it when app restarts.
  • Clean, formatted, and commented code.
  • Designed for Android and iOS.
Crossword Game Demo

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Word Game

Word Game is a puzzle game in which you have to find hidden words amongst a scrambled grid of letters. Drag your finger over the letters in the grid to form words, and find the right words to win the game! This game template comes with 100 levels, or you can choose to create your own levels using the Word Board Generator, which creates the letter grid using the words that you give it.


  • Categories: 10 pre-built categories with ten levels each, for a total of 100 levels.
  • Daily Puzzles: Comes with 100 daily puzzles - each day, a new random puzzle is chosen for the player to complete.
  • Word Board Creator: An advanced algorithm that takes words you give it and generates the corresponding scrambled grid of letters.
  • Unity Ads: Ads are displayed after a set number of levels are completed.
  • Save-game functionality ensures that the player never loses their progress!
  • Hints: Allows the player to display one letter in one of the missing words.
  • Refresh: The player can reset the level back to its starting state.
  • Clean, formatted and commented code, which is easy to read and understand.
Word Game Demo

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Word Search Game

This asset is a complete template of the classic word search puzzle game. Pick a category, difficulty, and game mode and try to find all the hidden words.


  • Comes with 10 categories and hundreds of words.
  • Multiple difficulties which can be customized to your liking.
  • Different game modes that include Timed and Sequential.
  • Game boards are generated using a custom algorithm, just give it the words you would like on the board and it automatically generates a playable grid of letters.
  • Easily customize the grid of letters and highlights to use whatever font, color, and size you'd like.
  • Beautiful custom design and screen animations.
  • Clean, formatted, and commented code.
  • Automatically saves active game state and loads it when app restarts.
  • Designed for Android and iOS
Word Search Demo

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Zig Zag 2D

Zig Zag 2D is a fast paced 2D game where the player taps the screen to change the direction of the ball as it travels through the tunnel. Try not to hit the walls, collect coins, and get as far as you can!


  • Tunnel auto-generates as the ball moves through the level. The random values for size and length of the tunnel can be easily adjusted.
  • Customizable tunnel texture and background texture.
  • Tunnel can be switched to a track mode where the ball moves on a track instead of through a tunnel.
  • Coin drops that can be collected. Drop rate, amount, and sprite can be customized.
  • Ability to add player skins that can be unlocked using drops collected in the game. Players automatically appear on the player selected screen.
  • Player score is incremented as they move up the tunnel. Max / Average scores are saved and indicators appear in game.
Zig Zag 2D Demo

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Device Console

Device Console provides a way for you to see logs, warnings, errors, exceptions, and stack traces in your application. Any logs that would appear in Unity's console will now appear in your application making it easy for you to debug on device.


  • Display any Debug.Log message on device.
  • Display any type of exception, such as Null Reference Exceptions.
  • Commands can be create and executed from the console making it easy to test features.
  • Easy to customize the consoles appearance.
  • Comes with two pre-built console styles, Dark and Light.
  • Runs on any platform.

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